What is NoodleVolt?

The name has several meanings.

First and foremost, Eurorack cables look like noodles.
But you shouldn’t bite them ’cause they’re full of electricity.

Noodle.  Volt.  It’s pretty self explanatory.

Secondly, Musicians play.

We experiment.

We – dare I say – noodle around.

And in a modular synth, that means routing electricity.

…with cables that look like noodles.

It’s all making sense, right?

And finally, when you have a great idea, people say “that’s using your noodle!”

The noodle in question being your brain.

Where your brain activity is a series of electrical impulses.

…which, coincidentally, power the imaginary lightbulb above your head.

The spark of inspiration, which travels from your brain to that lightbulb?
That’s a noodle volt, my friend.

We’re NoodleVolt.
Our name is confusing.